Accelerate your modernization journey with Slalom & AWS

Modernization of Microsoft-based technology is a growing trend to accelerate your cloud transformation journey, and it's easier than you think.


Watch on-demand as you hear from Slalom, a Windows workload competency partner and AWS in a lively discussion about the benefits of modernizing on AWS. You'll learn how to reduce your total cost of ownership by eliminating licensing fees and technical debt.


In this virtual learning experience you'll learn: 


  • The benefits of modernizing Microsoft based applications and databases - such as cost savings and increased ROI.
  • How cloud first architectural patterns can accelerate your time to market.
  • Leveraging containerization to streamline operations of your windows workloads.
  • Utilizing open source technologies to increase performance and reliability.
  • Insights and best practices from cloud experts.


What's next? 

  • If you had previously registered for this discussion, you can access the on-demand recording here.
  • You're invited to a Windows modernization workshop with Slalom and AWS! During the workshop, you have an opportunity to identify potential challenges and dependencies and begin to map out what a Windows modernization project could look like. Learn more.

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Meet our presenters:


Andy Hall
Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Andy is a Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based in Chicago. Andy leverages his 20+ years of experience in IT to help partners and customers migrate, run, and modernize enterprise-scale Microsoft Workloads on AWS. Outside of work, Andy spends his spare time as a CTO of non-profit an organization, helping them to deliver solutions to school-aged children through technology.





Patrick Swain
Practice Area Director, Slalom

Patrick is a Practice Director for the Slalom Dallas market focusing in cloud application architecture, software engineering delivery, user experience and helping his clients discover and realize the cloud value proposition of AWS. Patrick brings 20+ years of experience leading Cloud Engineering, DevOps and Application Architecture teams across a wide breadth of industry experience including Healthcare, Financial Services, Automotive, Communications, Retail, Quick Service Restaurants and Energy. 



Meet our panel members:


Nick Naddaf
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Nick is a Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based in Toronto, where he focuses on helping partners and customers run Microsoft .NET and Windows-based solutions on AWS. Prior to AWS, Nick was working as Technical Program Manager at Amazon B2B. He spent the last 25+ years writing code and building large-scale solutions on Windows Platform. Nick’s current focus is Infrastructure, Microservices, Serverless, and Containers, Big Data and AI/DL/ML services on AWS.




Jon Perkins
Practice Area Director, Slalom

Jon is a Practice Director for the Slalom Orange County market.   He is passionate about delivering modern software products with velocity and agile by leveraging cloud native technology and DevOps principles and practices.   Jon believes in building serverless first and adding containers into a solution.   He is humbled and honored every day by the brilliance and passion of the Orange County team.  





Luis Pineda
Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Luis is a Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based in Chicago. He works with partners and customers to solve their most complex business problems using AWS. Outside of work, Luis enjoys being outdoors, running, cycling and soccer.







Kate Vahdani
Practice Area Lead, Slalom

Kate Vahdani is a leader in Slalom’s Technology Enablement capability with a passion for supporting clients digital transformation efforts. Her focus includes product strategy, platform modernization, cloud first architecture and modern workplace solutions across a variety of industries. She bring 10+ years of experience in cloud, devsecops and agile transformation and holds multiple AWS certifications.