Conquering the GenAI Frontier: Where to begin on your AI Journey and Leveraging the Human Factor for Innovation

Welcome to "Conquering the GenAI Frontier", an exclusive AI talk. This is not just another tech talk about GenAI or what it can do for your startup; it's a comprehensive guide to support your company on the steps to build an AI strategy focusing on what matters the most to your business and your people. This event promises to equip you with the tools and insights to not just participate, but lead the charge in the GenAI revolution.  


Why This Is a Must-Attend Event 


  • Understand Where to Begin: Learn from real-world experiences on how to begin your journey and forge a GenAI strategy that is aligned with your company's vision. We will share how to build an AI action plan that is feasible, secure, ethical, and scalable for your startup. 

  • Leverage the Human Factor: Discover ways to ensure that your organization and individuals embrace AI technologies, integrate them seamlessly into operations, and build strategies for effective human-machine optimization. 

  • Networking Goldmine: Connect with fellow co-founders, VPs, and tech visionaries. Share experiences, forge partnerships, and find the collaborators or mentors you need to accelerate your journey.

  • Future-Proof Your Startup: Gain insights into upcoming trends and technologies. Be ahead of the curve in understanding how GenAI will shape the future of business and society.



Who Should Attend

This event is tailor-made for startup co-founders, VPs, directors, and individual contributors who are passionate about AI and eager to push the boundaries of innovation. Whether you're building your startup's first AI project or looking to scale existing initiatives, this event is your gateway to the next level.


Reserve Your Spot:

Spaces are limited, and demand is high. Secure your spot today and be part of the movement defining the future of AI in the startup world. This is more than an event; it's a turning point for your career and your company.


The Details 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

2:00 - 3:00 pm MT

650 S. Main St. Suite 745, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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