GenAI Testbed on AWS

From ideation to innovation. Unlock the potential of generative AI in a secure environment.

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Learn how Slalom’s accelerator enables you to test generative AI use cases quickly and securely.


As organizations eagerly experiment with artificial intelligence (AI), it’s critical to establish clear governance and a secure environment to harness its full potential while minimizing risk. Built on native Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, Slalom’s GenAI Testbed on AWS enables you to deploy your own internal experimentation and securely swap between large language models (LLMs).


How it works

The accelerator combines code, tools, and process into a single, reusable asset to create a user-friendly platform for experimentation, or “testbed," that securely connects to your company’s data sources. Deployed within your own AWS environment, it allows you to explore and select different LLMs to best fit your specific use case.   



Key services

  • Amazon Bedrock
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon OpenSearch

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Accelerator highlights

Out-of-the-box deployment of AWS infrastructure and a lightweight front end all defined through infrastructure as code (IaC).

Easy-to-define experiments that include swapping models, data sources, and base prompts.


Access controls that allow for both private and shared experiments for secure team experimentation.

See your strategy take off

Identify the right model for your use cases

No two large language models are the same. Matching your use case to the right model requires testing various combinations of LLMs, search patterns, data sources, datasets, and more. Find out how Slalom’s accelerator can help you test the feasibility and impact of your GenAI use case ideas—right away. 

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From experimentation to optimization

Learn how Slalom’s GenAI Testbed and AWS experts help you prioritize your highest-value use cases so you can reinvent applications, create new customer experiences, and drive productivity. 


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GenAI Testbed on AWS

Discover the power of our testbed


Rapid implementation

Activate teams with GenAI tools immediately and get your testbed up and running in just 24 hours.



Secure environment

Your data stays protected with access controls and encryption.



Fully automated infrastructure

Our infrastructure as code allows fast repeatable testbed provisioning.



Chat and voice interaction

Engage naturally with your testbed through conversational interfaces.



Multiple search patterns

Find what you need across documents with advanced semantic search capabilities.



Database and API integration

Connect seamlessly to your existing data sources and applications.


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