Salesforce AI Accelerator for Engaging Virtual Assistants 

Enhance your customer's experience by providing personalized, dynamic, and conversational interactions with AI-powered assistants.

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Discover how Slalom's accelerator empowers companies using Salesforce to design, develop, and deploy AI-powered assistants.


Elevate your customer service operations with an interactive virtual assistant that effortlessly understands natural speech and text input, delivering tailored conversational responses. Enjoy increased efficiency and customer satisfaction as inquiries are quickly addressed with accuracy and warmth, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on higher-value tasks.


How it works

Natively built on Salesforce and extendable to all clouds, our solution seamlessly integrates your business content (like Salesforce Knowledge articles) with the large language model (LLM) of your choice. By leveraging your precise knowledge and content, it ensures that the LLM can provide contextually relevant information in your brand's voice. Exclusively using private APIs, your corporate data remains secure and unshared.


Designed for flexibility and extensibility, our solution adapts to evolving technologies, different LLMs, vector databases, and knowledge sources. You’ll be able to deliver fast, on-demand responses within Salesforce, keeping up with the pace of your business.



Key capabilities

  • Cross-cloud
  • Omni-channel
  • Salesforce Digital Engagement

Accelerator highlights 

Deliver natural conversations, handling complex customer queries effortlessly.

Tailor your assistants to reflect your brand’s unique voice and language.

As agents interact with customers, our framework generates and refines Salesforce Knowledge articles, continuously enhancing the assistant's intelligence.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages: Charting the future of customer service with GenAI

We partnered with Virgin Voyages, a luxury cruise line, to develop Vivi, one of the first genAI-powered digital humans built on Salesforce. Through empathetic and knowledgeable responses, Vivi reshaped the typical chatbot experience and set a new standard for online customer service.


Read the story

See generative AI in action

Meet Vivi, the first digital human on the Salesforce platform, brought to life by Virgin Voyages! Vivi answers complex, multi-part questions using Virgin Voyages' knowledge base, all while keeping the conversation lively and on-brand. As agents interact with customers, our innovative framework crafts and refines Salesforce Knowledge articles, which are then reviewed and approved by the Virgin Voyages Sailor Services team. This continuous improvement ensures Vivi gets smarter and more helpful over time.


Watch now
Meet Vivi, Virgin Voyages' digital human

Discover the power of dynamic virtual assistants


Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate with the LLM of your choice.



Set guardrails

Maintain conversations that are on-topic and on-brand, adhering to organizational and marketing guidelines.



Continuous improvement

Evolve your assistant's knowledge in real time. Service agents can effortlessly add new context during customer interactions—no technical expertise or model retraining needed.



Embed virtual assistants anywhere

Create highly customized generative virtual assistants that can be embedded anywhere in your Salesforce applications (e.g., customer support, case summarization, document creation, knowledge research, etc.).


Tap into diverse knowledge sources

Pull from a wide variety of knowledge sources, including Salesforce records, institutional knowledge, external document sources, and vector databases.


Quickly build on your existing Salesforce

Quickly build on your existing Salesforce platform and showcase the power of generative AI leveraging the technology your business is already using. 


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