Below is a recap of the Innovation Days experience.



Responsive Learning Simulator

Improving customer experience is one of the biggest strategic priorities in organizations today. Enter GenAI. Using a ChatGPT Large Language Model (LLM) with voice generation adds powerful realism and endless variation. This creates a Responsive Learning Simulator, accelerating the upskilling of new hires and veteran employees.

Automation through Computer Vision

Automation is becoming prevalent across nearly all industries, with the use of Computer Vision poised to unlock the next horizon on the automation frontier. You'll experience the potential of this technology through a live-action demo, which allows participants to step into personal protective equipment (PPE) detection proof of concept.

The Perfect Fit: Smith Optics Custom Ski Goggles

Already a renowned leader in sports eyewear, Smith Optics wanted to elevate the shopping experience for the perfect pair. Slalom helped them take it to a whole new level with a tool that helps create a customized fit for every facial type.

Digital Assistant Built for Business, Amazon Q

Your team members spend weeks each year searching for answers, writing reports, analyzing data, and determining the next steps. Most of these hours can be converted to strategic and value-adding time with Amazon Q. This Gen AI-powered digital assistant can have conversations, solve queries, build content, ingest files, run analyses, and more!

AI Concierge

Consumer industries are consistently looking for ways to maximize customer service and operational efficiency. Slalom harnessed the power of next-generation AI and developed an AI accelerator: AI Concierge. It provides personalized, dynamic, and efficient customer interactions across the Salesforce platform in a low to no-code builder experience.


The AI Platform for Real World Automation

Slalom is proud to present a partnership with Worlds. On this platform, large industrial companies can measure, analyze, and build AI-based automation directly into the ground floor operations of their businesses. Worlds has created a new 4D Infrastructure platform that layers AI over a company's existing cameras and IoT infrastructure so they can build an industrial metaverse of their own operations.​


Bellwether: Personalizing Client Interactions 

Discover the vast potential of next-generation, personalized advice with Bellwether, designed to enhance one-on-one client interactions. Reducing preparation and follow-up time by 30 to 50 percent for advisors, Bellwether makes personalized real-time recommendations and summarizes advisor/client conversations for actionable next steps.


We're all searching for the next big idea – a creative solution to a challenge we face or the next innovative product to disrupt the market. The Brainstorm tool is an AI super-charged boost to facilitators, guiding users to focus on specific topics, providing relevant scenario prompts, generating initial ideas, and securely storing submissions.

Digital Humans

Step into the next generation of customer experience with our Digital Humans exhibit, where machines powered by a "digital brain" can interact with humans with empathy and compassion. 

Panel Discussion

Culture Of Innovation

Our panelists unpacked creating a culture of innovation from the ground up. Attendees heard Slalom's guiding principles of innovation brought to life with real-world success stories. They also learned from organizations leading the way in accelerating innovation to create a thriving innovation ecosystem.