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AI Workshops

Ready to navigate your GenAI journey with Slalom and Snowflake? Let's begin.


These workshops are the result of a strategic partnership between Slalom and Snowflake, where innovation and transformative solutions have always been at the forefront of our shared mission. Regardless of your familiarity with Snowflake GenAI capabilities — whether you're exploring, adopting, or building — we're here to guide your understanding, strategize effectively, and inspire fearless innovation and action. 



Learn and prepare   Experiment

Educate my stakeholders 

Identify uses for Snowflake’s GenAI in my organization

Prioritize and select viable ideas

Ensure I have the foundations to start

Explore frameworks and operating models

Demo how this comes to life


Develop a proof of concept

Set up an innovation lab

Host a hackathon





Adopt   Build

Define a Snowflake GenAI strategy aligned to my corporate strategy

Create my talent strategy to adopt Snowflake's GenAI features across engineering, data science and analysts

Establish a governance process

Figure out how I manage change


Start solutioning my idea

Build a data platform that leverages Snowflake’s GenAI features

Design and develop my idea



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AI workshop catalog



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