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This event has concluded. Check out the recap and highlights, and watch the keynotes on-demand at the link below.


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The world is evolving. Divergent ideas are colliding to create new ways of seeing and thinking. What was once thought impossible is now possible. AI is creating a nexus between human and machine thinking to build a better tomorrow for all.  


Learn how we can harness the power of paradox with AI.     


We’ll be joined by thought leaders and industry experts for conversations on how Artificial Intelligence can help your business prepare for the future and meet new and developing realities.  


Join the event to:   

  • Hear from DJ Patil, the first US Chief Data Science Officer 

  • Learn how AI is being used to create new realities that are greater than the sum of their parts

  • Hear from leading industry experts on the trends and emerging capabilities in AI

  • Get insights from education experts to upskill your workforce

  • Engage with Slalom and our partners through interactive AI exploration sessions