Slalom + Databricks

AI Lakehouse Accelerator

Allow your data teams to focus on what really matters - extracting value from data


As an official Brickbuilder Accelerator, the AI Lakehouse accelerator is an all-in-one package for standing up a Data Lakehouse. We help our clients implement an analytical capability faster and provide a framework to grow their data estate.



Cloud infrastructure   DevOps
The accelerator comes with Terraform templates that deploy all the necessary infrastructure needed to build a Lakehouse including a  Databricks workspace, networking, storage, key stores, and an orchestration tool.   This accelerator has all the necessary DevOps components required to run a development, testing, and production environment with pipelines to test, approve, and push deployments into each environment.





Data pipelines & orchestration   Machine learning and curated use case framework
Slalom’s technology takes advantage of metadata-driven pipelines to reduce the time and effort needed to ingest new sources and extract all the value out of data. The accelerator includes all the needed parts to extract, transform, load, and curate datasets into the Lakehouse paradigm.   The accelerator is equipped with a framework to rapidly develop machine learning and curated use cases in a sandbox environment and provides processes to deploy them into production when ready.



Slalom will stand up a production grade data lakehouse in under 3 weeks upon timely architectural approval and access to the client environment, and will enable organizations to onboard a new data source to the lakehouse platform in under an hour.


This is made possible using metadata-driven pipelines that reduce the time and effort needed to ingest data sources, which in turn allows data teams to spend more of their time creating value by curating business-ready datasets.



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Databricks Lakehouse Platform

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to help you reduce costs and deliver on your data and AI initiatives faster. Built on open source and open standards, a lakehouse simplifies your data estate by eliminating the silos that historically complicate data and AI.



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