AI4ALL breakout session | 9am PT

Rockelle Morris, Director of Corporate Partnerships, AI4ALL
Yoav Schlesinger, Director, Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce

As AI development and implementation goes full steam ahead, it's critical to ask who is building and shaping these important technologies. There is a well-documented diversity crisis in AI -- globally, fewer than 14% of AI research scientists are women, and only 2.6% of tenure-track engineering faculty identify as African American or Black while 3.6% identify as Hispanic or Latinx. When diverse voices are excluded from the processes of building technologies, the fairness of those systems comes into question. Join Rockelle Morris (Director of Corporate Partnerships, AI4ALL) and Yoav Schlesinger (Director, Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce) for a participatory discussion about how you can nurture a diverse and ethical AI workforce to ensure your company is prepared for both AI's opportunities and its challenges.