Intelligent products: The leading standard for modern tech companies


Slalom Build breakout session | 9am PT

Joel Forman, General Manager, Slalom Build
David Lawton, Senior Director, Slalom Build

Standard digital products are limited by rule-based personalization. Each does exactly what it’s programmed to do, often delivering experiences based on segments that map to a specific process. It’s a typical cause-and-effect relationship. 

An intelligent product has machine learning personalization, using algorithms and predictive analytics to determine and display the most relevant and complete experiences—in real time and in a highly scalable way.

Join Slalom Build’s technology leaders to learn more about the future of intelligent products and how this exciting new frontier of technology can be a practical reality for companies at any stage of technological maturity. Joel and David will expand on the emerging possibilities and unpack some exciting, real-world examples of how we’re bringing intelligent products to life for our customers.