Achieving positive ROI from AI by shifting from model-centric to data-centric machine learning

Snowflake breakout session | 9am PT

Paul Zhao, Maching Learning Product Lead, Snowflake

Organizations are no longer investing in AI because they can but rather because they must in order to remain relevant in today’s hypercompetitive global markets. And, while spending in AI continues to grow, most companies struggle to see positive returns on their investments. The only companies reaping the benefits are those that are strategically operationalizing and scaling AI throughout their organizations versus those that are still pursuing siloed proof of concepts.  Join Snowflake’s Machine Learning Product Lead, Paul Zhao, to understand the foundational barriers organizations face when trying to operationalize and scale AI and how more companies can address these barriers to reap the economic benefits from AI by shifting their organization’s thinking from  a model-centric to a data-centric approach to machine learning.