Data-driven. Cloud-supported.

Want to make your data sing? Make the cloud its foundation.

If you and your teams want to make better use of your organization’s data, we have the inspiration you never knew you needed. Filled with references to the music of rock legends like Nirvana and Joan Jett, our ebook shows business leaders and data decision-makers how to use the cloud to cut through the noise of today’s data. 


We’re talking about using the cloud to improve access to data, uncover high-value insights, and build trust in data, tools, and practices. 


Here’s the “playlist” of contents: 

  1. Our House: Creating cloud-based data architecture 

  1. Bold as Love: Using the cloud for advanced analytics 

  1. Good Reputation: Data guardianship with the cloud 


Each section also contains: 

  • Research that shows the share of organizations that are using cloud services to support various data initiatives 

  • Case studies that detail which data-focused cloud services we’ve used with clients and the success we’ve achieved together 

  • Links to dive deeper into a topic or explore our relevant offerings 


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