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Slalom's expertise with data integration services like AWS Glue helps us provide our customers with comprehensive knowledge and best practice recommendations for automating data integration at scale.

We help our clients leverage AWS Glue to organize, cleanse, validate, and format data from various sources for storage and analytics. By effectively preparing and integrating data into a data lake or data warehouse, this gives our clients the ability to run large scale analytics across multiple data sets, allowing them to make more confident, data-driven business decisions.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Slalom has the flexibility and resources to help you build your future faster. We design engagements with the components that best align to your existing knowledge, resources, and future goals. Our purpose is to help you reach for and realize your vision by quickly delivering tangible outcomes for your business. We leverage our industry experience and expertise to help you achieve transformational change through the application of AWS cloud technology and modern best practices.

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Customer Stories

Swimming Australia: Data is a goldmine for Australian swimmers

In July of 2021, the Australian women’s swim team won multiple medals (including gold) and set a new world record at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Full credit to the athletes for such an amazing performance, but Swimming Australia had a secret weapon. Together with Slalom Build, they developed a data model app that uses real time stats, AWS Glue, and AI/ML to predict future swim times for their team and competitors, enabling the coaches to choose the right team members for the highest probability of a podium finish. It was their very own (data-driven) crystal ball. Read the full article. 

Arup: Building in the cloud, from the ground up

From hours to minutes. Slalom Build and Arup created a cloud-enabled engineering software product leveraging AWS Glue that runs detailed analysis on complex building models, turning a lengthy ordeal into a 10-minute serverless breeze. Read the full article

Kenworth and Slalom use Serverless computing on AWS to drive into the future. 

Kenworth had information dating all the way back to the 1990s about its truck chassis bills of material and history of engineering changes but did not have easy visibility and access to the data. Slalom chose to build a PoC utilizing AWS Glue to bring this data together in one place and give Kenworth the ability to run rapid analysis against a large database without having to take the traditional approach of using a relational database or platform as a service. Read the full article