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Slalom's Media & Entertainment Specialization spans multiple industry segments—including advertising, communications, gaming, and media & entertainment—and solution areas to enable your organization across domains and functions.

Globally, our M&E customers count on us for our deep industry knowledge, helping them to redefine what's possible and enact lasting change. From leading global brands to ambitious startups, studios to streamers, and live sports to gaming, we understand our M&E customers' teams, culture, and unique industry challenges to deliver the outcomes you want and need most. 

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Slalom has the flexibility and resources to help you build your future faster. “Slalom’s experts bring a passion for enabling media and entertainment companies to accelerate and streamline the production and distribution of engaging content for their audiences on the screen of their choice, while developing ever-closer direct relationships with their customers by designing and deploying data-driven solutions leveraging AWS.” - Steven Polster, Managing Director - Media & Entertainment, Slalom

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Our perspective and experience in M&E

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MESA spoke with Slalom M&E industry leaders, Steven Polster, managing director in Los Angeles and Nutan Keen, senior director in New York, about the company's unique position in the consulting landscape, and how Slalom is harnessing its skilled M&E and gaming talent and technology partnerships to tackle the most ambitious challenges facing studios, streamers, gaming in publishers, and their customers in a our dynamic industry. Read the full article

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