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Slalom believes that data, tools, and technology are nothing without people. To build a modern culture of data, you need to know where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and why it’s important.

Aligned to your overall corporate strategy—and supported by executive leadership—your bold vision should establish a unifying sense of purpose. Shared goals and objectives across functional areas reinforce the emphasis on collaboration and behavioral change.

Implementing a solid governance strategy is key to building a holistic data foundation that empowers people to see, trust, and use data across the organization in impactful ways. AWS has a variety of data governance technologies like Amazon Datazone, AWS Clean Rooms, and AWS Lake Formation, that support an effective data strategy. 

Not sure where to get started? The AWS Data-Driven Everything (D2E) program compliments Slalom's Modern Culture of Data approach by structuring the framework by which organizations can define their bold vision and establish a plan to activate that vision leveraging AWS services and technology.

D2E helps customers: 

  • Engage business and technology leadership to create a compelling vision 
  • Define a production-ready, high velocity MVP and roadmap for your most challenging use case,
  • Build experience and assess organization-wide readiness, and 
  • Scale with a 6–9-month roadmap of priority projects

As a D2E-enabled Premier Tier Services partner, Slalom has the flexibility and resources to help you define your bold vision – the first step on your journey to becoming a data-driven organization practicing a modern culture of data.

Get started with an AWS D2E workshop.


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Customer Success with Data

Meredith Corporation: Rich insights on 95% of US women

Building on a successful five-year partnership, Slalom helped Meredith Corporation launch its Meredith Data Studio, a suite of advertising solutions leveraging Meredith’s vast, proprietary, first-party data on over 95% of US women. Meredith’s unparalleled data set combined with Slalom’s advanced analytics expertise gives advertisers a deep and timely understanding of women’s habits, preferences, and motivations. Read more

Swimming Australia: Data as a goldmine for Australian Swimmers

In July of 2021, the Australian women’s swim team won multiple medals (including gold) and set a new world record at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Full credit to the athletes for such an amazing performance, but Swimming Australia had a secret weapon. Together with Slalom Build, they developed a data model app that uses real time stats and AI/ML to predict future swim times for their team and competitors, enabling the coaches to choose the right team members for the highest probability of a podium finish. It was their very own (data-driven) crystal ball. Read more here

Plezzel: Delivering faster and easier results in real estate 

The Plezzel team was spending hours assembling monthly performance reports in spreadsheets, until they came to us. Together, we brainstormed and built a simple but informative dashboard solution that looks good and does away with most of the manual work. Best of all, our data engineers positioned Plezzel to implement predictive modeling that helps its clients connect with more in-market buyers. Read more