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Title: Roadmap to the Cloud

Duration: 1 hour

Available On Demand

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It’s time to get real about the challenges and possibilities of the cloud. 

Bots, AI, automation, machine learning. Whatever the future holds, it will be built in the cloud.

And the more routine aspects of business—servers, databases, all your basic IT infrastructure—these, too, are headed to the cloud.

For businesses, it's not a matter of when, but of how. How will you get there?

View this on-demand webinar for a lively discussion with our panel of experts and client guests from across industries, including Toyota Connected, Pacific Dental Services, Pacific Life and Taco Bell.

Topics include:

  • How to not simply migrate current problems to the cloud
  • Focus on outcomes, not specific technology or widgets
  • Identify your unique cloud adoption scenario
  • Identify key business drivers to keep you focused
  • Identify the opportunities that’ll grow your business and make you more resilient
  • Multi- and single-cloud solutions
  • How to reduce complex migrations to manageable phases
  • How to create whole new, cloud-native organizations within your company
  • Managing organizational disruptions caused by new technology

​Whether you still have a closet of blinking servers, or are well into your journey to the cloud, this is a conversation you don't want to miss.


Joel Forman
Managing Director, Cloud, DevOps, & Security


Sarah Duffy
Managing Director, Practice / Industry Leadership


Tom Chew
General Manager, XM


David Tsai
Director and Chief Product Owner
Toyota Connected


David Baker
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Pacific Dental Services


John Trujillo
Senior Executive and Business Partner
Pacific Life


Vadim Parizher
Senior IT Executive
Taco Bell