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Big Data & Analytics (ARM) Azure Resource Manager

All businesses today accumulate large amount of business critical data. Leveraging the data to make actionable decisions requires a platform and solution which enables speed and efficiency to extract insights and analysis. The criticality of success depends on how fast a system can scale and accommodate large amount of data ingestion and computing. Slalom in partnership with Tableau, Cloudera and Microsoft Azure developed an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) QuickStart template which reduces your time for deployment of Cloudera clusters and Tableau servers on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Using this template you can have a fully functioning and scaled for speed deployment ready and running in under 40 minutes. Make your data relevant immediately by reducing the time required for deployment of infrastructure by using this ARM template. We leveraged the best-of-breed Microsoft cloud technology recognized worldwide to bring this optimized big data and Hadoop cluster on Microsoft Azure.

Deploy the ARM template from GitHub today! 
Slalom helps you gain the most insight out of your data and enabling you be successful by getting to actionable data visualizations. Connect with us today to learn more about Azure, ARM, Cloudera and Tableau.

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