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Connecting organizations with the transformational power of data

Data. Your organization probably has a lot of it. But how do you translate spreadsheets into strategy?

Empowering every member of your organization to make data-driven decisions requires looking beyond technical solutions. It’s essential to cultivate the mindset of a shopkeeper who makes data readily available to users, rather than a gatekeeper focused on security and governance.

Read our whitepaper for a new way of looking the promise and pitfalls of data, and how it can transform your organization.

About the authors

Todd Heil is a practice area director of Information Management and Analytics with Slalom Atlanta. His focus is on looking outside the technology barriers that organizations are facing and enabling them to differentiate through data.

Chris Frederick, a strategy consultant with Slalom Atlanta, brings a passion for driving organizational strategies through data. His focus is connecting information to actionable insight, and using data to tell meaningful and measurable stories.

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