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We help modernize supply chains through innovative strategies and solutions that enable agility and resilience, insights, and optimized action.


Our pragmatic approach delivers business value fast, focuses on solving the real problems impacting operating margins, and changes culture through demonstrated success. 


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Who we are

  • Entrepreneurial leaders with a passion for supply chain 
  • Pioneers & trailblazers, disruptors of the ‘status quo’ 
  • Innovators, experts, and problem solvers 
  • Self-starters with a bias for action 
  • Consultants who love their work and love their life 

Team spotlight

Nikki Jackson, Senior Consultant

"Since joining Slalom and global supply chain team I have had the opportunity to be part of an organization that truly embodies community, work life balance, and fosters growth and innovation. Working alongside my team and our leaders has truly made an impact on my career."


Logan Herr, Senior Consultant

"I joined the global supply chain (GSC) practice at Slalom in April 2021, transitioning from my previous role on a large consulting team in a Big 4 firm. I was looking for an environment where I could be more entrepreneurial, working on a smaller team with a wider breadth of project types in the supply chain space that are technology agnostic. Pivoting to the GSC team at Slalom has gone above my expectations, where I have been given opportunities to influence the direction of our practice and play a driving role in growing our client accounts—resulting in more than tripling our team size and impact in less than a year. Delivering value across industries and supply chain related domains ensures our diverse team brings a creative and entrepreneurial mindset to every working day as we grow together—it is a great place to be!"

Katie Humphries, Principal

"I joined Slalom in the summer of 2021 after spending the first several years of my career in industry. At Slalom, I get to work on projects that I’m excited about and that push me to think creatively, while making an impact on our clients and their supply chains. Making the change to consulting with Slalom has been such a rewarding experience, and I’m grateful that it’s a part of my journey!"

Our work and insights

Supply chain agility podcast

Supply chain agility: A conversation with Dennis Bergeson of Dart Container

Supply chain agility is no longer a luxury, rather, it is an imperative to sustainably drive business growth. Tune in for a conversation between Dennis Bergeson, senior vice president global supply chain at Dart Container Corporation, and Gautam Narayan, Slalom’s global lead of supply chain planning, as they discuss their experiences and share key insights that have helped organizations across the globe develop world class supply chain operations. Listen now >

Client WOW stories

Global supply chains are demanding transformation at a velocity never seen before. Our clients and their customers are causing a seismic shift in expectations to maintain satisfaction, all dependent on the agility and resiliency of a global supply chain. Whether improving visibility, creating meaningful and predictive analytics, or the translation of data to prescriptive action and execution, our clients desire to iteratively and quickly realize value.


freight truck

Major Luxury Retailer: Product Design & Development


The company was facing large trailer backlogs across all distribution centers, as well as a steadily increasing dock to dock (DC to Store) time. They needed better visibility of what product is sitting inside each trailer waiting to be unloaded. They were unable to strategically schedule trailers to be scheduled, directly impacting speed-to-market and customer service levels.


What we did

We leveraged a no-code application platform with real data to show a proposed product to support yard management and receiving activities. Upon agreement of the minimum viable product, the client assembled an engineering team to execute the build. Slalom acted as Product Manager and defined the rollout plan to the CTO’s Product Management organization.



  • Supported in the development and go-live of the MVP in six weeks to the first distribution center location. 
  • Currently being used by 15+ users, enabling better physical trailer management, faster and more seamless communication of product information on the trailer, unlocking throughput benefits.



Workers cleaning office building windows

Photo by Victor on Unsplash

Global Window Manufacturer: Strategy


The company needed to transform its supply chain from a rigid slow-moving cost center into a resilient customer-focused growth engine fueled by innovation. They were at a critical inflection point, faced with supply disruptions, exploding lead times, and increasing competition and hampered by legacy systems and organizational structures.


What we did

We partnered with the company to define leadership’s supply chain vision. We assessed the existing operating model and capabilities across people, process, technology, and data to identify gaps relevant to the vision. We developed a list of initiatives needed to win now and shape the future, prioritized initiatives and built a roadmap and aligned leadership across functions and divisions.



  • Senior leaders adopted the roadmap to accelerate initiatives 
  • We formed a team to address the highest priority need with a solution that will reduce customer lead time by half
  • A company that described itself as “stuck” is moving to disrupt itself by envisioning new ways to fulfill orders and gain visibility 



MicrochipPhoto by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Consumer Electronics/Hi-Tech Giant: Transformation


The company needed to modernize their supply chain capabilities and move away from fragmented systems and processes while transitioning ownership and right-sizing their operating model. The company sought strategic guidance to develop a prioritized roadmap of transformational supply chain initiatives as part of their overall digital strategy. 


What we did

We developed a future state process and operating model, managed several large supply chain transformation initiatives, and developed a roadmap of strategic supply chain priorities across three global regions and two major business areas. We secured alignment on the future state model as well as the deployment roadmap.



Delivered strategic initiatives including deploying supply chain packaged solutions, unifying disconnected systems, improving new product launch assumptions, technical architecture, data integrations, global & regional operating models, and supply chain operating model design & modernization.