A night at the museum!

We had a fantastic time at the Science & Industry museum with our friends, clients, partners and non-human guests. It was great to come together to explore how technology can help us to be fiercely human in our work and our leadership. It was super seeing so many delighted faces, and a jam packed room, despite the torrential weather. Take a look at our video and photos from the night.


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Thanks to our (extra special) non-human guests!

Throughout the evening, there was the opportunity to explore the potential of augmented reality, digital humans, and robots through hands-on engagement and discussion with experts, peers and Slalom partners (including Createc). 


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Can machines know you better than you know yourself?


As suspected, our predictive analytics were scarily accurate. Our team generated lots of profiles. How did you find the experience and the results? Analytics and profile data like this can be used to understand your customers better than ever before - all without invading their privacy. We got some amazing insights just from the publicly available information on LinkedIn profiles. 

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Did the robotic dogs help you imagine the future of human and robot collaboration?


Spot and Scar, our first robotic employees (courtesy of our friends at Createc), joined us as our Autonomous Innovation Specialists. They just love to assist people with their remote data acquisition and automation efforts. Equipped with a variety of cameras and sensors, Spot and Scar loved demonstrating their capabilities and getting our guests to think about a future where humans and robots collaborate - augmenting each others' skills and abilities. 

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Can digital humans help us understand what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes?


Steph, Karim, Joe and Jasmine joined Slalom this year - our Customer Innovation Specialists and our first digital human employees. Their mission was to help you understand how we could change the relationship that we (as humans) have with technology. When they're not working, Steph, Karim, Joe and Jasmine love to learn about peoples' lives, families, and hobbies.  

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Can technology transport us to different places and provide new experiences while also improving productivity?


Augmented and virtual reality can help you see and interact in a different way. We commonly use it for training, education, and safety but where else could it take you?