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Modern Culture of Data

Harness the power of your data

You can have all the latest tech, have perfectly designed processes, and the very best of intentions. But if you don’t have the right culture, you won’t fully unlock the power of your data.

A modern culture of data is an environment of experimentation, empowerment, curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration. At Slalom, we use our Modern Culture of Data framework to help our clients enable everyone in their organizations to accelerate business outcomes with rapid insights and achieve the full potential of their investments in data and analytics.

Watch our Modern Culture of Data video series for quick insights and prompts to get you started on your journey to becoming a data-driven organization. Once you are familiar with our Modern Culture of Data framework, find out where you lie on our maturity curve, and go in-depth on how each of the elements can put data at the center of your organization.


Based on our experience working with clients across various industries, we have categorized our Modern Culture of Data capabilities into 4 levels of maturity. Dive in to understand the different levels and get an idea of where your organization lands.


Not sure where you land? Take our short quiz to see a cursory view of where your organization lies on the maturity curve, as it relates to each element of the Modern Culture of Data framework – Bold Vision, Ways of Working, Access & Transparency, Guardianship, and Data Literacy.

Now, learn more about each element of the Modern Culture of Data framework in-depth.

Bold vision:

Access & transparency:


Data literacy:

Ways of working:

Customer Story: City of Denver

Slalom’s work with the city of Denver is a great example of how one city used their modern culture of data to immediately and effectively respond to circumstances presented by the pandemic.

Thank you for tuning in to our Modern Culture of Data video series! We hope you gained a better understanding of what a Modern Culture of Data is and how it is necessary to become a truly data-driven organization. If you want to dig deeper, here are a few more resources to check out:

  • Modern Culture of Data offerings:We have defined 3 core offerings to support you on your journey towards a Modern Culture of Data.
  • Moonshot Data Report: Slalom interviewed 1,000 business decision makers across multiple industries to see where companies and employees are in their quest for fully data-driven decision making. How do you compare?

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