On-Demand Webinar

Create a Modern Culture of Data

Learn the 5 Key Elements to Leverage a Modern Culture of Data on Azure

Join in on the conversation with the Slalom strategy and data experts as they share how to achieve a Modern Culture of Data leveraging the power of the Azure cloud.


This short 22-minute on-demand webinar promises to deliver:


  • Practical advice from our experts who specialize in the art of business transformation, 
  • Easy ways to get started on achieving a Modern Culture of Data, and
  • A great overview of how Azure & Microsoft technologies can help accelerate your journey.


Meet the Speakers!


Michelle Manocchio - Principal Consultant, Business Advisory Services, Slalom Canada


Michelle is a thought leader in Slalom’s Modern Culture of Data initiatives. She has spent over a decade guiding clients through their most complex change and aligning cross-functional stakeholders to realize value. Her track record includes transforming some of the largest organizations, across industries. Michelle leads teams on strategy projects and transformation programs to understand current state, design for the future, define a roadmap, and help get there. She is known for problem solving, storytelling, and customer love.


Zahra Zahid - Practice Area Lead - Products & Innovation, Slalom Canada


Zahra leads Slalom Canada's Products & Innovation practice. Zahra brings almost two decades of experience in helping companies leverage digital innovations to gain more efficiency in existing business processes and to envision new product/consumer opportunities. In her role Zahra works with organizations across industries to help them explore and execute new ideas powered by digital innovation.  She helps organizations re-imagine their business processes and consumer interactions by infusing latest technological innovation powered by data.

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