Slalom’s Generative AI Accelerator for Salesforce

Generative AI with Salesforce

An Exploration into the Future...

It’s no secret that the Salesforce platform is flexible, scalable, and applicable to almost any business process across industries. Slalom works with some of the largest adopters of Salesforce to continually innovate on the platform.


Our team has found an exciting niche in conversational AI as a tool to enhance self-support for customer engagement channels, and that’s been our primary focus for almost four years. Our most recent fascination is the emergence of generative AI, followed by the subsequent disruption that’s elevating conversational AI in ways we could only have dreamt of.


We’ve drained more than a few pots of coffee and energy drinks over the last six months in keeping up with every advancement and update. These efforts have resulted in an exciting way to apply generative AI to your CRM, allowing you to experiment and realize the benefits right away. Whether you use Salesforce for customer service, sales, marketing, or an entirely different use case, there is almost always an area where generative AI could make your life easier.


Below, we share some of the findings that led to the creation of our Generative AI Accelerator. We’re excited about how this technology can help companies across all verticals improve customer experiences and the daily lives of their employees. This will provide you with strategies that you can use today to find use cases for generative AI in your business.    

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Embracing AI’s potential

Today’s tech-forward businesses are embracing AI’s potential to enhance their customer relationships. A whopping 84% of senior IT leaders view generative AI as a crucial asset in delivering outstanding customer service, while two-thirds are planning to incorporate this technology into their operations within the next year and a half.


Responding to this emerging trend, our team has developed an AI accelerator to help clients harness the power of next-generation AI. The objective is simple: empower businesses to create AI-driven bots capable of delivering personalized, dynamic, and efficient customer interactions in a low- to no-code builder experience across the Salesforce platform without staffing an army of data scientists and machine learning engineers.


We advocate that the best way for you to get started is by doing just that: get started. In a matter of weeks, we’re ready to help you rapidly prototype and validate the outputs of AI in a safe and reliable way right from within the Salesforce platform. Our team can build out and test your prompts as well as reinforce guardrails with human training and data unique to your Salesforce implementation. We can then demonstrate patterns for context understanding across a variety of scenarios designed to mitigate hallucinations and test out different models. This allows you to build function-specific bots that fuel end-to-end customer service scenarios with intelligent, conversational chatbots, both across your Salesforce org and integrated into your apps outside your Salesforce org.


To do this, there are five key components at the root of this new approach that ensure the success and iteration of AI-empowered teams and experiences.


1. Trust

The framework does not share client data and respects Salesforce security.


2. Guardrails

Customizable system instructions and next-generation databases keep bots on topic and on brand while ensuring accurate outputs.


3. Content targeting

Clients bring their own data and decide where to point generative AI.


4. LLM agnostic

Clients utilize their preferred LLM and remain flexible in a fast-paced landscape.


5. Feedback

Transparency on performance, auditability, governance, and feedback. This shouldn’t just come from content designers and chatbot builders; rather, it should be sourced from users who interact with AI as well.


Taking a closer look at the accelerator

These “bots” aren’t your typical, one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve built a platform for your bots to learn, adapt, and provide tailored responses that align with your company’s unique customer engagement strategy. We’ve ensured that the constructor is easy to use with the latest blueprints for effective prompt engineering, allowing you to quickly start prototyping your function-specific bots and validating outputs for your scenarios.



Bot configuration


The bots are able to simulate conversation patterns and create, edit, and publish new truthful, human-approved content for your bots quickly. These processes can even be directly connected to your vector store to support semantic search for contextual prompt building and long-term memory.

Slalom GenAI: Bot Builder


Release your bots across the platform with pre-built service extensions

Imagine being able to summarize records with complex relationships in Salesforce using validated prompts specific to your implementation and data. For example, an agent today would need to look through multiple cases to understand the context of why a guest is reaching out to the contact center. Now, you can save those precious minutes of agent productivity during each interaction by showing a useful and persona-aware generative summary of the guests’ cases based on the agent’s profile.


Example of chatbot conversation summary


Summarized records in Salesforce

Additionally, these bots can offer up-to-date, relevant, and multilingual conversation suggestions across channels.


Relevant conversation suggestions

Language translations


Seamless integration with Salesforce

We’ve built our solution directly on the Salesforce platform. This native integration allows businesses to capitalize on Salesforce’s extensive data capabilities, enhancing customer service by providing a seamless user experience.


Connectivity to Salesforce clouds

What makes our solution truly stand out is its extensibility. Companies can easily connect their existing large language models (LLM) and vector databases. We’ve also future-proofed it for connectivity with Salesforce’s array of advanced AI tools, providing a pathway for further intelligent interactions in the quickly evolving space.


Transform your business with AI

Building an AI-powered future for CRM is no small feat, but at Slalom we’re confident that our AI accelerator is a giant leap in the right direction. By combining the power of AI with the versatile functionality and extensibility of Salesforce, we’re paving the way for businesses to engage with their customers in a whole new way.


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