Slalom Phoenix Event Recap: Unlocking the Power of Gen AI for Contact Centers

Slalom Phoenix’s April 2024 Salesforce GenAI Contact Center event brought together industry leaders, visionaries, and experts to explore the transformative potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in revolutionizing customer service. Throughout the afternoon, attendees explored Slalom's GenAI framework for Salesforce, unpacking key metrics, core functionalities of large language models (LLMs), and implementation frameworks. 


A Disciplined Approach to Contact Center Transformation

The event championed a three-pronged approach to contact center transformation: eliminate, automate, and optimize. Attendees gained insights on strategically leveraging human interaction, automating resolutions, and harnessing customer feedback for continuous improvement.


The Layers that Slalom Unlocks

Attendees discovered how Slalom's GenAI framework unlocks transformative layers, empowering a shift towards predictive customer interactions, enhanced scalability, and significant labor cost savings. Key metrics showcased measurable improvements in call deflection, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Slalom underscored the tangible impact of AI on various metrics by highlighting success stories like Virgin Voyages. Attendees saw AI’s direct impact on improving call deflection rates, staff turnover, and productivity gains, all leading to substantial cost savings and a demonstrably superior customer experience.


Slalom's GenAI Framework for Salesforce

The event introduced Slalom's comprehensive GenAI framework, emphasizing its value proposition: usability, accuracy, safety, speed, flexibility, and transparency. Typically reserved for clients, event attendees got a special view of the proprietary framework – an accelerant for technology projects within the contact center.


Core Functions of a Large Language Model (LLM)

The session provided insights into the core functionalities of LLMs, including text generation, translation, content summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, and conversational AI, showcasing their diverse applications in customer service.


Most Common Use Cases

A range of GenAI use cases were explored, from content summarization to generating personalized responses and deploying conversational chatbots. The focus was on tailoring these functionalities to meet the specific needs of clients across various industries.


Implementation Framework

A practical, user-centric implementation framework was outlined, emphasizing a phased approach (crawl, walk, run) that considers user populations, content types, and desired use cases. This ensures a smooth integration of GenAI into existing workflows.


Panel Discussion

The panel discussion tackled critical questions designed to empower attendees: maximizing GenAI benefits, anticipating future contact center transformations, redefining the role of human agents within the AI landscape, and identifying ideal processes for GenAI integration.


The Salesforce GenAI Contact Center event served as a comprehensive exploration of the transformative potential of AI in customer service. From disciplined approaches to practical implementation strategies, attendees walked away with a roadmap for leveraging GenAI to achieve customer experience excellence and operational efficiency.

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