Our Commitment to Small Business


Nearly every one of the world’s most impactful companies started as a small business with big dreams.


I am hopeful that we can become an essential part of helping you accelerate your vision and would be honored to share what we have learned.


It seems like only yesterday I was working (often until midnight) with our founding team in a 400 square foot office complete with shag carpeting.  I was convinced that we could build something bigger than ourselves that would last well beyond our lifetimes. 


Just recently, we opened our 45th office.  Like all my teammates, I work each day to help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all.  We are inspired by the idea that one day each person in the world will have the opportunity to love their life and work.


Please consider engaging us if we can be valuable to your journey.  I am excited about the possibility we may have to work together in making an even greater difference within our communities, governments, and especially in the lives of our citizens today and for generations to come. 


Brad Jackson

CEO, Slalom


P.S. Thought you might find it helpful to see our core values (which we relentlessly focus on and measure): Do what is right, always; Drive connection and teamwork; Take ownership. Get it done; Inspire passion and adventure; Focus on outcomes; Celebrate authenticity; Fuel growth and innovation; Stay humble and curious; Build and shape a better future, and Smile.


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