Slalom + Snowflake

Zero to Snowpark Workshops

Slalom accelerates data engineering and data science with Snowflake


We’re using data and AI to address the most important and urgent challenges in the world today. Slalom partners with leading organizations to deeply understand their challenges and translate data and AI use cases into real-world results. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience with data engineering, data science, and machine learning on Snowflake with Snowpark.


Snowflake and Slalom are partnering to offer a simple, three-step process to get started:


    45-minute Overview and demo of data engineering and data science on Snowflake


    90-minute workshop to identify use case(s) and success plan


    2-week engagement to pilot use case(s) including readout and roadmap facilitation


Qualified customers may be eligible for investment from Snowflake and Slalom to offset the cost of engagement.



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Benefits of Snowpark


We help clients adopt data engineering and data science workloads with Snowpark to reach business outcomes faster with new use cases, improved developer productivity, and reduced infrastructure cost.  


Business outcomes 

  • New data science use cases including forecasting, segmentation, recommendations that measurably increase revenue or efficiency 
  • Pre-built code templates for specific industries/functions 


Improved productivity 

  • Ability to support professional data engineers and data scientists with familiar languages (e.g. Python, DataFrames) and faster access to data and compute
  • Ability to support citizen data engineers and data scientists with ISVs that enable UX-first development 


Lower infrastructure cost 

  • Does not require data movement 
  • Simplified stack requires less integration 
  • Single security and governance model 



Snowflake Data Cloud

Data and AI are unlocking new use cases and value. The Snowflake Data Cloud supports many data workloads in a unified platform with scale and elasticity. Snowflake customers can use Snowpark for data engineering, data science, and machine learning. The platform also has an open architecture that integrates with popular frameworks and products.



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